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Rob Rowe

Forager Teacher Ecologist


About Me

In the past, most of the plants that grow on our doorstep would have had a use as food or medicine. Whether these be common or rare, it is always a thrill to me to find them and hear the stories that plants have to tell. It is like entering another realm. If I can share this sense of wonder with others and help to open peoples eyes to the beauty of the natural world, all the better.

I remember going out on botanical expeditions in Lancashire forty years ago with an old vicar who would hold forth about plants that were good for ‘brewing, chewing and stewing’. I was soon hooked.

Years of smallholding, raising animals and children, and botanising all over the country, especially in Shropshire, have all added to this love of nature. I spend as much time outdoors as I can and I get much joy from finding different plants, fungi and ancient trees.

I have worked with many diverse people, from 8 year old Forest School children to 80 year old WI members. It is very much a two-way process and every time I learn something new myself.